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Shane has been teaching and mentoring students for over twenty years. His practice, Shane Beatty Academic Mentoring (formerly known as Enlightened Learning), has built a reputation on offering the highest quality of service. Those efforts have been well received and have provided successful results for many students in the greater Tampa Bay Area. The practice has always been based on client referrals and personal word of mouth.

Shane teaches in a kind, thoughtful, and supportive manner to change a student’s methodologies of learning, self-awareness, and performance on tests and college entrance exams. He cares about the relationships he builds with his students and their families. He tries to understand the needs of each client by listening intently and drawing on his experiences. Ultimately, he helps guide his students toward becoming more self-aware, skilled, and confident learners and thinkers.

Shane’s teaching and mentoring is based on a foundation of mutual trust because all good learning is predicated on nurturing self-esteem in a supportive environment. Such a mentality in a mentor to peer setting helps students find the confidence and security needed to make the kinds of paradigm shifts necessary to foster growth and change.

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