Genuinely Cares

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"Shane made it possible for me to attend my college of choice. Without his expertise and experience with the SAT, I doubt I would of scored as high as I did."

Very Positive Experience

"As for me, I felt it was a critical time for my daughter when we started using Shane because she was feeling overwhelmed and defeated." 

He made me want to learn

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"I would say that Shane helped me not only grow as a student but grow as a person. Often times, the only goal for a tutor is to help you in school but Shane always made the time to make sure I was doing well mentally, that I was keeping up with activities after school and of course, all of my school work was on track . . . Shane made me want to learn."

Best decision we ever made

"Shane Beatty has provided academic mentoring for all five of my children from elementary school through college and I can honestly say having him as an academic coach/mentor was the best decision we ever made for helping them achieve their academic and, ultimately, their career goals. These are just some of the reasons why:

Goes above and beyond

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“Shane is so much more than a tutor. Shane was introduced to me by a teacher at St. Petersburg High School as ‘the master of everything except Spanish’ and I thought it was a joke. This is far from a joke. Shane is a master of everything. The first time we met, he taught me how to study flashcards most efficiently and I’ve studied them that way ever since."

Different study techniques

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“Shane helped when I began preparing for the LSAT. I only had about two weeks to prepare for my first LSAT because the semester had just ended and all of that time before had to be focused on my regular schoolwork. In the two weeks I had to prepare, Shane helped me familiarize myself with the test and he taught me valuable tricks and tips for answering questions quickly and correctly.”

He is very patient

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"First thing, Shane was the absolute best at calming down those nerves I had!! I can remember countless times sitting in the waiting room freaking out about how I was going to get my work done or get a good grade on an exam/project. He is willing to sit down with you and go step by step through the process to ensure that you not only are getting the answers right, but that you understand the material. He is very patient and one of the most respectful persons I’ve ever been around."

He helped me to succeed

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“I began working with Shane in my sophomore year at high school, during which time I was struggling a great deal with test and general performance-related anxiety, time management skills, and study habits, making school a very difficult and discouraging experience for me—until I began working with Shane.."

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